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Operator Qualifications Analysis

Operator Qualifications Analysis Celerity’s client, a large East-coast public utility, was ordered by regulators to report on the extent to which its employees and contractors had experienced lapses in the qualifications required to perform utility maintenance, inspection, and construction work.  Strategy for Training Records Data Set Identification Celerity worked with counsel and subject matter experts …
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Pipeline MAOP Verification Support

Pipeline MAOP Verification Support Celerity helped support a client with verifying the maximum operating pressure on record for its gas pipeline.  Strategy for MAOP Document Collection & Scanning Celerity assisted with the centralization and review of the source information including pipeline as-built drawings, service records, pressure test reports, and over 50 other prioritized document types. …
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Pipeline Leak Survey Information Management

Pipeline Leak Survey Information Management Celerity’s client performed an accelerated leak survey on hundreds of miles of their gas transmission system and asked Celerity to help them manage the massive influx of associated data. Leak Repair Document Database Development Strategy Celerity developed a database specifically for the survey information – primarily leak repair documents. Our …
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Plastic Fusion Remediation

Plastic Fusion Remediation After a significant incident, one of the largest Northeast utilities was ordered to evaluate their plastic fusion projects across their service territory and report back to the Public Service Commission on their findings, in addition to justifying the methodology of the collection, sampling, and testing plan. Reporting Strategy Built for Speed & …
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Regulator Data Collection

Regulator Data Collection At the request of Field Operations for a mid-size utility, Celerity tailored the VeriLine platform to support materials traceability requirements in the collection of regulator information.  Regulator Data Collection Strategy Data collected included the make, model, size, vent condition, vent direction, and location of regulators across the gas company’s service territory. Application …
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Rate Case Support

Rate Case Support As required by state code, our client was to submit a rate case that typically covers three to five years, justifying requested funds and rate of return on investments which affect increases to customer utility rates.  Strategy for Rate Case Filings Celerity recently assisted with preparing a rate case filing through the …
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Stations MAOP Verification Support

Stations MAOP Verification Support Celerity Consulting Group was retained to assist a major natural gas pipeline operator with MAOP verification for approximately 65 gas transmission regulator stations and nearly 100 new construction work orders spread throughout its service territory. The scope of work included data collection, document review, and the development of detailed station feature …
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Quality Control Review of Gas Transmission and Distribution Records

Celerity assisted a Gas Transmission and Distribution client with verifying the completeness and accuracy of certain maintenance documentation that had been migrated to SAP.
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Streamlining Utility Data: A Case Study in Dig Records Audit for General Rate Case Hearing

Streamlining Utility Data: A Case Study in Dig Records Audit for General Rate Case Hearing Celerity, a consulting firm, assisted a utility client in a comprehensive audit and coding initiative to support their analysis for a general rate case hearing. The utility client, facing the challenge of presenting a robust analysis, sought Celerity’s expertise to …
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