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The Celerity Consulting Group BRAND

Celerity is an agile risk optimization company that helps public utility organizations convert complex data into precision, actionable intelligence to mitigate risk, optimize assets and maximize project results.

Blending extensive client experience with deep vendor-side acumen, Celerity data scientists orchestrate precision data analysis, strategic consulting, and project management services to solve complex energy challenges via acute listening, proactive thinking and relentless grit. 

Based in Walnut Creek, CA with remote offices nationwide, Celerity energy engineers perform a critical, leadership role as strategic liaisons between data, assets and the teams that make projects happen in the field.

Prepare | Prevent | Protect

Celerity Consulting Group helps clients prepare for the inevitable, prevent recurring incidents, and protect people and assets from danger. As tenured leaders in providing powerful risk optimization services for electric and gas utility organizations, Celerity’s three step process provides a potent blueprint to help clients optimize risk before, during and after incidents occur.  While environmental incidents are virtually inevitable via mother nature and human factors combined, Celerity’s streamlined process is the catalyst from which all analysis, strategy and implementation services are developed and delivered. 

Celerity helps utility companies prepare for incidents before they happen via deep data analysis, strategic planning, and hands-on execution to anticipate and mitigate risk

Celerity helps utility companies prevent incidents from recurring by optimizing data, strategies and intelligence through diligent, proactive planning to optimize risk prevention initiatives

Celerity helps utility companies protect their assets, people and environment from short and long-term risk post-incident to minimize impact and optimize recovery


As thought-leaders within the utilities industry on both the client and vendor site, Celerity’s senior management team has 15 to 25 years of collective experience helping electric and gas utilities clients across a broad spectrum of services since 1987. Our mission – to help clients convert raw data into actionable intelligence they can use to mitigate risk and optimize project results.  Period.

Whether analyzing data, developing strategies or managing projects online or in the field, Celerity energy consultants are tenured leaders in providing powerful business strategies to help clients make the most out of their endeavors while protecting their businesses and the environments that surround them.

Comprised of experienced information management experts, engineers, engineering technicians, software developers, project management professionals and critical thinkers of varied backgrounds, Celerity approaches every client and project with a powerful blend of acumen, experience and tenacity to help clients prepare for the inevitable, prevent recurring incidents from repeating and protecting the people, assets and environment around them.

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