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Celerity Consulting Group provides advanced electric and gas utilities consulting services to public utilities organizations nationwide. Based in northern California with (7) branches throughout the US, Celerity Energy Engineers provide integrated utilities, vegetation management and litigation support consulting services to help public utility organizations convert complex data into clear, actionable intelligence to mitigate risk, optimize assets and maximize project results.

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Blending extensive client experience with deep vendor-side acumen, Celerity Electric Energy engineers orchestrate precision data analysis, strategic consulting and project management services to solve complex energy challenges for state and local public utility organizations.

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Celerity Gas Energy engineers provide state and local utility organizations with advanced analysis, consulting, and execution services to help plan, mitigate and prevent incidents.  

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As strategic liaisons between construction companies and vegetation management arborists, Celerity Vegetation Management Consulting Services provides organizations with integrated vegetation, construction and emergency management expertise to plan, respond and mitigate incidents.


Celerity’s Utilities Vegetation Management division provides expert consulting, asset management and emergency management services to the electric utilities markets across the United States and Canada. 

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Having worked on multiple gas pipeline projects for 20+ years, Celerity’s Utilities Vegetation Management division are expert in helping gas utility clients plan, respond and mitigate incidents throughout North America. 

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From forensics to analysis, review, production and beyond, Celerity’s Litigation Support team provides expert eDiscovery services for the utilities industry across all phases of the EDRM.

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Celerity’s Utilities Litigation Support division provides public utility companies with a full range of eDiscovery, data analysis, data management and expert witness expertise to help maximize legal matters and mitigate risk.

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From energy exploration and production to distribution, movement and usage of oil, gas and electricity, Celerity’s Utility Litigation Support division helps clients optimize matters across all phases of the litigation support cycle.

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About Celerity

Celerity is an agile risk optimization company that helps public utility organizations convert complex data into clear, actionable intelligence to mitigate risk, optimize assets, and maximize project results.

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