Clear Path Emergency Management

Our Emergency Management services are specifically designed to address the urgent and complex challenges faced by utility companies during unforeseen events.

Minimize Downtime and Damages with Utilities Emergency Management Consulting

We understand that in times of crisis, such as wildfires, major storms or unforeseen environmental impacts, swift and effective action is paramount to ensure safety, minimize downtime and mitigate potential damages. 

Our team of seasoned experts is equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to manage and respond to emergencies effectively. We specialize in rapid mobilization, deploying skilled personnel and resources to manage and rectify emergencies ensuring a swift return to normal operations.

The Experts in Emergency Vegetation Management for Utility Organizations

  • Fully versed in Incident Command structure and responsibilities for event management
  • Extensive direct experience in managing actual wildfire and storm events
  • Developed robust internal processes for data management and audit tasks
  • Proven ability to rapidly ramp-up resources to support a wide range of events
  • Lead the development of Post-Event analysis/reporting and Restoration Processes


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Utility Emergency Management Services

Our approach integrates comprehensive risk assessment, strategic resource allocation and real-time response coordination, all tailored to meet the unique requirements of each emergency scenario. We place a strong emphasis on communication, both within our response teams and with our clients to ensure transparency and efficiency in our emergency response efforts.  Our emergency management services also include post-event analysis and reporting, which are crucial for understanding the impact, improving future responsiveness, and ensuring regulatory compliance. By partnering with us, utility companies gain a reliable ally, equipped to handle the unexpected while maintaining the highest standards of safety and operational integrity.

Since 2017, we have garnered extensive experience playing a major role in numerous wildfires throughout the West Coast. Our personnel typically operate with a variety of functions including client communication, project management, VM contractor oversight, monitoring compliance regarding specifications and environmental concerns, providing an additional layer of safety oversight, real-time data management and ensuring accurate contractor data entry.  

We’ve developed specialized processes for damage assessment, debris removal and emergency vegetation management, working diligently to restore power safely and efficiently. We also provide support as needed for communication with outside project stakeholders such as CalTrans, the USFS, and local municipalities.  

Much like our proficiency in handling wildfires, we’ve seamlessly integrated into the Incident Command Team for clients, responding adeptly to significant storm events, akin to those witnessed across the western region in 2023. These endeavors demand meticulous supervision of operational activities, coupled with an in-depth comprehension of the data management requirements inherent in the program.

Our restoration services team is adept at rapidly mobilizing post-disaster, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to safely and efficiently implement location-specific plans to return impacted areas to commercial or residential service. 

We understand the urgency and sensitivity required in these scenarios and are committed to working closely with utilities to minimize downtime and ensure a swift return to normalcy for affected communities. Our restoration efforts are not just about immediate response; they also involve strategic planning and preventive measures to enhance the resilience of utility infrastructure against future natural disasters.

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