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The Celerity executive team

Benton Armstrong CEO of Celerity Consulting Group

Benton Armstrong

Chief Executive Officer

Senior business executive with 30 years of experience advising Fortune 500 technology, life sciences, and energy companies on strategic operational, crisis response, and data management issues. Created, managed, and rapidly grew global analytic technology businesses at two Big Four consulting firms, driving dramatic growth in APAC and EMEA. Data analytics expert with extensive experience assisting companies in crisis, remediating sub-optimized operations using analytics-based methodologies. Consulted with C-suites, boards of directors, and private equity firms regarding managing risk and exposure in response to complex, global corporate events. Personally drove independent sales over $12M per year. Skilled in expanding global corporate operations, having worked in 40 countries.

Long-term track record of creating and executing business strategy, coordinating cross-border operations, harmonizing policies, processes, and technologies, and developing leadership skills throughout organizations. Experienced in developing key account management programs, leading global client account teams, and leading sales operations. Demonstrated ability to manage complex business relationships and navigate sensitive personnel issues. An accomplished leader in acquiring, motivating, coaching, and mentoring key senior talent. Extensive experience identifying and evaluating M&A targets in the legal services space. The successful driver of product development strategy and analytics-based operations and performance management programs.

Chris Yowell Co-Founder and Board Member of Celerity Consulting Group

Chris Yowell

Co-Founder & Board Member

Mr. Yowell has over three decades of litigation consulting experience, with a focus on information management strategy, regulatory investigations, and incident response. As one of the key founders of Celerity Consulting Group, he has significant experience architecting and managing large-scale complex discovery solutions. Mr. Yowell has provided implementation strategy and execution for some of the largest nationally recognized gas and electric utility incidents in the nation. In addition to his deep knowledge of the public utility industry, he has supported discovery and data analysis efforts related to government defense contracting, financial institutions, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Supported by Celerity’s team of e-discovery experts he has helped forge innovative solutions to solve challenges throughout the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) lifecycle including source identification, data collection, computer forensics, data analysis, document review, and production for multi-terabyte unstructured data sets as well as complex structured data sources (including proprietary database mining and extraction). Mr. Yowell received his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering Management from Oregon State University. His studies included engineering, project management, project scheduling, and cost control.

Rachelle Yowell Co Founder and Board Member at Celerity Consulting Group

Rachelle Yowell

Co-Founder & Board Member

Rachelle is a co-founder and board member of Celerity Consulting Group, LLC. Rachelle started her career in litigation consulting and has extensive experience managing large discovery and data analysis projects. In 2001, Rachelle co-founded Celerity Consulting Group and led the operational and financial start-up efforts.

In her prior role as the CEO and CFO of Celerity, Rachelle enhanced operations and helped drive company growth. In her current role on the board, Rachelle is involved in strategic planning and financial oversight. Rachelle graduated from the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley in 1991.

Norman Yee Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Celerity Consulting Group

Norman Yee

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Norman has over three decades of experience in discovery strategy, preservation and collection from complex and disparate systems, technology-assisted review, computer forensics, and data analytics. He has taken the lead in architecting e-discovery solutions for some of the largest and highest-profile cases in the country. In addition to managing numerous complex projects from initial strategy to implementation, he has developed customized methodologies for correlating and quantifying structured data in support of clients’ investigations and claims.

Before joining Celerity, Norman co-founded Certus Consulting Group, a litigation consulting firm, after starting his career at Peterson Consulting. He has presented numerous CLE and educational seminars related to advanced technology to government agencies, law firms, and corporate counsel. Norman graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Business Administration.

Steve Tankersley Co Founder and Board Member

Steve Tankersley

Co-Founder & Board Member

Stephen Tankersley, a recognized subject matter expert on Utility Vegetation Management (UVM), helps guide gas and electric utility operations, suppliers, and contractors to achieve long-term success. 

Steve founded Clear Path in 2015 after a nearly 40-year career at a major investor-owned utility where he led one of the largest VM programs in the country.  Steve has been very active in the UVM industry having authored many articles featured in industry publications, presented at industry events across the country,  recognized by the UAA with the 2012 Utility Arborist Award for significant contributions to the industry, and presented with the 2015 UAA Presidents Award, and served on various industry committees such as the NERC VM Standards Development Team, EE Vegetation Management Task Force, and UAA Research Committee. 

Eggert Birgisson Chief Financial Officer Celerity Consulting Group

Eggert Birgisson

Chief Financial Officer

Eggert has over two decades of experience working with companies in diverse industries to analyze financial results, define & understand KPIs, improve budgeting & forecasting, track performance, build BI solutions, and improve execution by identifying initiatives and defining their metrics and guardrails and monitoring the daily health of the company.

Eggert began his career at KPMG Consulting in Iceland before taking on roles with technology companies in the Bay Area ranging from online gaming, and e-commerce, to SaaS. Eggert holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Iceland, along with a Master of Science in Information Systems and an MBA from Boston University. Originally from Iceland, Eggert has lived in Scotland, and Boston, and currently resides in San Francisco.

Brian Daubin, President of Utility Consulting Services for Celerity Consulting Group

Brian Daubin

President of Utility Consulting Services

Brian has over 24 years of experience in managing high-functioning teams and departments within the Public Utilities Sector.  Brian has recently assumed the role of President at Utility Consulting Services and has significant engineering and operations experience in Gas and Electric Utilities.

Before joining Celerity Consulting Services, Brian served as the Director of Gas Control Strategy and Support at Pacific Gas & Electric Company. His diverse background includes positions as a Drafting Supervisor, District Superintendent for the McDonald Island storage field, Manager of Strength Test & Digs Programs, Director of Records and Mapping, and Director of Gas Control Technology and Support.

Brian’s extensive industry involvement includes acting as a member of the Operations Safety Regulatory Action Committee of the American Gas Association, and conference presenter on key industry topics. He played an active role in the San Bruno NTSB investigations proceedings, PG&E’s Gas Records OII proceedings, and various other gas regulatory investigation efforts.  Including Expert Witness and Director of Continuous Improvement Initiatives.

As a certified Bentley MicroStation CAD (computer-assisted design) operator, Brian brings more than 20 years of professional CAD experience to his role. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from California State University, Sacramento. Brian’s exceptional leadership and wealth of experience over 24 years continue to drive excellence in the utility consulting services industry.

Ryan Korpela President of Clear Path Utility Solutions

Ryan Korpela

President of Clear Path Utility Solutions

Ryan Korpela is at the forefront of utility line clearance, power line and pipeline ROW clearing, and environmental services industries with an impressive 30-year track record. Currently spearheading Clear Path Utility Solutions as its Chief Operating Officer (COO), he has been instrumental in driving business activities, managing a suite of utility consulting and professional service contracts, ensuring paramount safety and compliance, and collaborating with clients to guarantee that project objectives are meticulously realized.

Throughout his career, Ryan has taken on a number of major projects, notably the PG&E Fire Management with Clear Path Utility Solutions, Great Northern Transmission Line, and the Minnesota Power Transmission & Distribution. His extensive project experience extends to BP Pipeline assessments, ATC transmission lines, and Xcel Energy’s transmission maintenance, among others.

His tenure as Vice President of IVM has seen him oversee pivotal areas such as client relations, business development, contract management, and subcontracted consulting. Further underlining his multitasking capabilities, Ryan also imparts his industry insights as an adjunct instructor at the Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College.  A testament to Ryan’s commitment to operational excellence is his comprehensive list of responsibilities. From ensuring on-ground safety and procurement to quality control, scheduling, and reporting, Ryan is the linchpin ensuring projects run smoothly. His acumen extends to liaising with a wide range of professionals, from environmental agencies and safety experts to utility representatives and corporate liaisons.

Ryan’s credentials are underscored by an impressive array of certifications. As a PMI Project Management Professional and a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Project Management program, his project oversight skills are well-recognized. His commitment to safety and excellence in arboriculture is highlighted by his certifications as an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, ISA Certified Utility Specialist, TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, and BCSP Safety Management Specialist.

Moreover, Ryan’s continuous dedication to professional development shines through with training from the Dale Carnegie Leadership Program, Arbormaster’s courses, and Electrical Hazards Awareness Instructor certification, among others.

In summary, Ryan Korpela’s extensive experience, combined with his rich academic background and unwavering commitment to safety, make him an invaluable asset in any utility clearance and arboriculture project.

Headshot of Tony Morabe, Vice President of Utility Consulting Services at Celerity Consulting Group

Tony Morabe

Vice President of Utility Consulting Services

Tony is a proven leader with an impressive 35-year track record in the utility sector, honed during his tenure at the Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Throughout his extensive career, Tony has occupied key operational and leadership roles across diverse organizations, including Customer Field Services, Field Service Dispatch, Service Planning, Engineering and Estimating, Project Management, Gas Pipeline Operations and Maintenance, and Technology Deployment & Support. His most recent role was as the Director of Mobile Product Strategy in Information Technology.

In his capacity as Director of Product Strategy, Tony played a pivotal role in co-founding the Digital Catalyst organization within PG&E IT. Demonstrating a start-up mindset and adopting an enterprise approach, Tony’s group led the charge in utilizing Design-Thinking and Agile methodology. This innovative approach was instrumental in the design, development, deployment, and support of consumer-grade iOS mobile and web applications seamlessly integrated with ESRI, SAP, Salesforce, and AWS.

A driving force behind digital transformation with a sharp focus on end-user experience, Tony’s team actively contributed to process improvement, data preparedness, data integrity, and reporting. Leveraging his extensive background in utility operations and a passion for user-friendly technology for field workers, Tony successfully aligned the Business and IT strategic roadmap, shaping the vision for enterprise mobile and back-office applications supporting operations.

With years of hands-on experience, Tony has led agile teams using SAFe, excelling in Project Management, Construction Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Technology Deployment and Support. Currently, Tony is leveraging his expertise to advise a major California utility in their preparation for the transition to SAP S4 HANA.


Chief Technology Officer

Rand is the Chief Technology Officer for Celerity Consulting Group.  An information technology executive with 30+ years of experience, Rand is an expert at using technology and data to navigate crisis with technical, legal, regulatory, compliance and financial threats and unplanned events.  Rand has worked successfully with start-ups, private equity and troubled companies that require a technology leader with experience in a wide variety of Information Technology challenges.

Rand previously worked in the “Big Four” consulting firms for many years in Forensics, Cybersecurity and Privacy.  Rand’s most recent experience includes leadership roles as Chief Information Officer for several portfolio companies of a private equity firm and working in the Chief Data Office of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).  Rand is an avid football fan, has three children and resides in Kingwood, TX, a suburb of Houston.   

With years of hands-on experience, Tony has led agile teams using SAFe, excelling in Project Management, Construction Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Technology Deployment and Support. Currently, Tony is leveraging his expertise to advise a major California utility in their preparation for the transition to SAP S4 HANA.

Headshot of Chris Farley, Vice President of Utility Consulting Services at Celerity Consulting Group

Chris Farley

Vice President of Utility Consulting Services

Chris brings 30 years of utility consulting experience across a broad range of areas including asset management, strategy, product development, sales, technical implementation, and analysis.

Chris has worked extensively in both the operations and regulatory environments, collaborating with cross-functional teams to identify risk and drive project success. Chris graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Chris Purdy, Vice President of Litigation Services at Celerity Consulting Group

Chris Purdy

Vice President of Litigation Services

Chris has nearly three decades of experience in the litigation consulting arena, and leads Celerity’s Data and Damages Analysis practice. He has managed all aspects of the firm’s most complex and high-profile data analysis engagements, including data collection, database development, authoring of Expert and 1006 Summary Witness Reports, and submission of written and live testimony. In the data collection and database development phases, Chris develops and implements strategies to ensure gapless data collections, identifies critical relations between multiple tables and databases, and validates and ensures the integrity of all relevant data fields. In support of case strategy and in development of Expert Reports, Chris works with his clients to identify key case issues and the data sets that speak to those issues, and develops compelling and robust analyses and exhibits based upon that data.

In addition to his work related to Data and Damages Analysis, Chris has decades of experience in developing discovery strategies and in managing collections, data processing, review, and productions. Prior to joining Celerity, Chris was a co-founder of Certus Consulting Group, a litigation consulting firm, and a Project Manager at ZIA Information Analysis Group. Chris received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Delaware and is a certified Project Management Professional (“PMP”).

Daran Santi Chief Strategy Officer

Daran Santi

Chief Strategy Officer

Daran Santi joined Clearpath in 2020 after completing a 40-year career at a major investor-owned utility. During his career, Daran worked in all facets of Contract Management from Procurement, Contract Negotiations, Contract Management, Invoice Management, and Project Management. He has worked across all lines of business but was mainly focused on Overhead and Underground Electric Construction and Vegetation Management.

Daran has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from St. Mary’s College and a Certificate in Purchasing from UC Berkeley.

Luano Nomellini Vice President of Utility Consulting Services at Celerity Consulting Group

Luano Nomellini

Vice President of Utility Consulting Services

Luano is chartered with ensuring client needs for records, data quality, and information integrity are met, through technology, and staffing. He has decades of natural gas and utility experience. His expertise includes mapping, estimating, scanning, team staffing, and management.

Luano was Manager of Gas Transmission Mapping/Scanning and Attributing at Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) before joining Celerity. Other positions at PG&E included Gas Transmission Estimating Supervisor. Transmission Gas Estimating & Design Manager, and Gas and Electric Estimating and Mapping Supervisor.  

Mike Tilly Vice President of Vegetation Management Services

Mike Tilly

Vice President of Business Development

Michael Tilly, P.E., is a seasoned executive in the Electric Power Industry, harnessing a rare blend of strategic foresight, entrepreneurial acumen, and technical proficiency. With over three decades of dedicated service, he brings a rich tapestry of experience spanning capital and resource management, strategic business development, and in-depth knowledge of vegetation management intertwined with power infrastructure. 

Mike is focused on the strategic development of long-term client relationships in a widely expanded geographic footprint by creating best-in-class service experiences for all of our programs. 

Starting his journey with an academic foundation in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and further augmenting his knowledge with an MBA from The George Washington University, Michael’s education has been the foundation of his innovative contributions to the industry. As a registered Civil and Environmental Professional Engineer, he leverages his technical expertise to lead transformative initiatives.

As the founder and President of ProForce, LLC, he rapidly carved a niche in the Electric Power Industry. Under his stewardship, ProForce burgeoned into a market leader in both transmission and distribution vegetation management, amalgamating construction and maintenance facets seamlessly. Michael’s keen eye for evolving industry needs led to the expansion of ProForce’s services into civil constructions tailored for renewable energy sectors, like wind farms and solar installations.

Beyond vegetation management, Michael’s strategic leadership at ProForce expanded its reach into powerline construction services across both distribution and transmission markets. The entity’s eventual acquisition by a private equity firm, AEA Investors, and subsequent integration into Pike Electric’s operations stands as a testament to the value he brought to the table.

His earlier stint as Vice President at Camp Dresser & McKee saw him at the helm of business development strategies for environmental programs across the southern states. This role, combined with his recent endeavors in Electric Utility Consulting through MT Engineering & Svcs, Inc., further emphasizes his comprehensive understanding of the industry’s ecosystem.

Damon Reissman Vice President of eDiscovery at Celerity Consulting Group

Damon Reissman

President of eDiscovery at Celerity Discovery

Mr. Reissman has over 22 years of litigation and investigation consulting, digital forensics, eDiscovery, and information and data management experience.

Damon Reissman is the President of Celerity Discovery, a fully-owned subsidiary of Celerity Consulting Group. He specializes in digital forensics, electronic discovery, data analysis, data mapping, information management, and legal operations, serving his clients on complex litigation, internal and regulatory investigations (SEC, DOJ, FTC, FCPA, etc.), and incident response. Before joining Celerity, Mr. Reissman worked for Deloitte Transaction and Business Analytics LLP and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP serving his clients in a similar capacity.

Mr. Reissman has led hundreds of matters spanning the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), both within the US and cross-border covering over 30 countries. He has supported clients in many industries, with his primary foci being Energy and Utilities, Technology, Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Law Firms.

William Butler Vice President of Vegetation Management Services

Willie Butler

Vice President of Vegetation Management Services

William Butler, residing in Grass Valley, CA, is an esteemed professional in Arboriculture and Emergency Management, bringing forth an impressive 15-year tenure in Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) and Emergency Response roles within California. With recognized expertise in hazard tree identification and removal mitigation, Mr. Butler combines a robust understanding of tree species across the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) system with a proven ability to manage specialized projects for utilities’ Integrated Vegetation Management programs.

As the VP of Clear Path Utility Solutions Project Management group, Mr. Butler has been instrumental in directing resource management, framing sales forecasts, fostering client relations, and offering senior leadership oversight. This role follows his successful stint as the CEO of Butler Enterprises, where he ran a Vegetation Management Consulting business. Within this period, he took on pivotal roles as a Contract Arborist during the Butte Fire Calaveras and as a linchpin for PG&E during multiple major fire incidents, including the Tubbs, Carr, Camp, AWRR Paradise/Magalia, North Complex, Dixie, and Salt Fire operations. His leadership was crucial in strategizing and executing plans for the safe removal of over 250,000 hazardous trees affected by these fires.

His impact during the PG&E Camp Fire operations was particularly noteworthy. As the Operations Chief, Mr. Butler managed tree contractors supporting restoration activities post-fire and marshaled 2000 personnel in his group. He played a pivotal role in the safe removal of over 

110,000 hazard trees and was instrumental in developing and managing underground vegetation support during rebuilding efforts.

Additionally, his leadership was crucial during the PG&E Utility Defensible Space Program, where he orchestrated the application of fire retardants around high-risk PG&E assets in Tier 3 areas, managing vegetation clearing around key transmission towers.

William’s prowess is further enhanced by his strong rapport with various government agencies and his excellent team-building and communication skills. His adeptness with Vegetation Management applications, combined with his hands-on experience managing large-scale teams and coordinating emergency response efforts, makes him an invaluable asset to any large-scale vegetation management or emergency response project.

Mr. Butler’s extensive training and certifications, such as his status as an ISA Certified Arborist and ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification, underline his commitment to his profession. In addition, his understanding of environmental processes and endangered species protection showcases his holistic approach to vegetation management in utility spaces.  

Bryant Gauthier

Vice President of Celerity Discovery

Bryant Gauthier has over 20 years of experience in legal services and consulting, focusing on the nexus of technology with litigations and investigations. He has built and led operational and consulting teams within legal services, including trial services, information governance, analytics, and eDiscovery. He has led legal service teams at multiple top-rated law firms and within a Fortune 20 corporation, bringing a client focus to all his roles.

Currently serving as the Vice President of Celerity Discovery, a fully-owned subsidiary of Celerity Consulting Group, Bryant is a trusted advisor to law firms and in-house counsel. His expertise lies in identifying cost-saving measures for data identification, eDiscovery, data analysis, data mapping, information governance, privacy, and legal operations. He has a wealth of experience in serving clients in complex litigations and investigations, including regulatory investigations (SEC, DOJ, CFPB, FERC, etc.) and congressional inquiries. Prior to his role at Celerity, Bryant held key positions at Huron Consulting, Skadden Arps, Buckley Sandler, Finnegan Henderson, and Xerox.

Bryant has led matters spanning the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), with cases in North America, Asia, and Europe. He focuses on innovative solutions that reduce fees, time spent, and risk fees throughout the discovery process. He has supported Law Firm and In-House Legal teams in litigation, internal investigation, and government inquiries involving a variety of industries including Banking and Fintech, Energy, Transportation, Health Care, MDLs, Intellectual Property, Technology, and Pharmaceutical among other industries.

JoE Sciarrotta

Vice President of Celerity Discovery

Joe Sciarrotta joins Celerity with extensive experience in the public and private sectors. Immediately prior to Celerity, Joe was General Counsel at Sustainability Partners, LLC, an infrastructure investment company, handling the company’s legal matters.  Before that, Joe commenced a successful public sector career. He became General Counsel to the Arizona Department of Administration and Chair of the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council. Joe then served as General Counsel to the Arizona governor. During his tenure in the Governor’s Office, he assisted in legal, policy, and legislative matters and directed high-profile litigation cases in state and federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

After serving as a Maricopa County Superior Court judge, Joe joined the Arizona Attorney General’s Office as Deputy Division Chief Counsel of the State Government Division. Thereafter, the Attorney General promoted him to Division Chief Counsel of the Civil Litigation Division where he managed and directed historic results in the Consumer Protection, Civil Rights, Tobacco Enforcement, and Collection sections. He also managed the Community Outreach section.

Joe began his career in the private sector with the law firm Fennemore Craig. Subsequently, he became in-house counsel to Fortune 500 companies Cendant Corporation (n/k/a Wyndham Worldwide), Allied Waste Industries, Inc. (n/k/a Republic Services, Inc.), and Meritage Homes Corporation. In these roles, he handled litigation and compliance dockets in excess of a billion dollars and strategized with senior management, as well as corporate and field personnel, regarding business transactions and developing company initiatives.

Joe earned his juris doctor degree graduating Order of the Coif from Vanderbilt University School of Law and was Chief Justice of the Vanderbilt Moot Court Board. He received his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Michigan, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and with High Honors.

Gerry Gatt

Vice President of Celerity Discovery

Gerry is an operations and technology expert with deep knowledge of the corporate technologies and operations landscape.  He works with organizations of all sizes on implementation of continuous improvement strategies and best practices, matter management, e-billing, along with contract lifecycle, e-discovery and records management systems.  He also works with clients to improve and upgrade previously implemented systems and develop processes to drive efficiency of those systems.   Prior to joining Celerity, Gerry was a Technology Consultant for several years and Operations Director at a major Midwest gas and Electric Utility.

Gerry has more than 40 years of experience in Information Technologies managing the acquisition/ development implementation and maintenance of many  corporate core business systems.  Gerry has implemented and managed a wide range of Contract Management and  Ediscovery solutions, forensic collections and investigations,  Document management and Knowledge Management / Collaboration tools.

Expertise includes; Operations Director, overseeing Legal Technologies, Continuous Improvement, RFP processes, Budgets and Financial Analysis, Contract Administration, Benchmarking, Metrics and analytics.

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