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We provide comprehensive quality assurance services that ensure all aspects of vegetation management – from routine maintenance to emergency responses—are performed to the highest standards, aligning with both regulatory requirements and best operational practices.

Audit Your Vegetation Management Program for Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance and support services are specifically designed for vegetation management and other critical inspection requirements in the electric power utility sector. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique challenges and standards of the industry.

Our team, enriched with seasoned professionals, brings unparalleled expertise in conducting thorough inspections, audits and evaluations ensuring the utmost quality and safety in every project.

Meet Electric Power Utilities Inspection Requirements for VM Compliance

We extend our quality assurance services beyond vegetation management to encompass various inspection requirements crucial to electric power utilities. This includes substation inspections, line clearance evaluations, and system-wide VM compliance audits with state and federal regulations. 

Our methodical approach involves detailed reporting, data analysis, and actionable recommendations, ensuring that clients meet and exceed the rigorous quality benchmarks set by the industry. Utility companies can trust in our commitment to precision, excellence, and a proactive approach to quality management, ultimately leading to enhanced reliability, safety and operational efficiency in their utility operations.


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Quality Assurance & Support Services
for Utility Organizations

Our quality assurance and field audits provide utility clients with a rigorous audit process, ensuring that all pre-inspection activities and wood pole inspections are conducted with the utmost accuracy and adherence to safety standards.

We provide comprehensive evaluations, utilizing the latest technology and best practices to identify any areas for improvement, ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of these critical tasks. 

Our services ensure utilities can confidently maintain their infrastructure with the assurance of quality and compliance, safeguarding against potential risks associated with vegetation encroachment and aging infrastructure.

An innovative service that we provide for utilities includes our Quality Control Program Audits. This process measures and validates system-level conformance with regulatory requirements as well as the utilities’ internal standards.

Our Quality Control Program Audits process takes a holistic view of OH electric infrastructure across the service area to measure compliance with regulatory and internal standards and whether work has been performed or not.  

  • NERC Standard FAC-00e Requirements 1, 2, and 5
  • Public Resource Codes 4292 and 4293
  • CPUC General Order 95 Rule 35
  • Local Requirements as applicable
  • Internal SDG&E standards as applicable

Our QA/QC Expertise for Utilities

  • Enhanced compliance with regulatory standards and industry best practices
  • Increased operational efficiency through continuous feedback into operational processes
  • Risk mitigation by proactively identifying potential hazards and maximizing reliability
  • Customized solutions for a specific geography, vegetation profile, and electrical network  
  • Increased customer satisfaction by maintaining high standards of service and building trust 
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