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Fire Records Reconciliation and Validation

Clear Path Utility Solutions was retained by a major investor-owned utility to reconcile and validate work records related to twenty tree wildfires that occurred in 2020. The work scope was to reconcile all records associated with restoration activities and fire footprints and validate for completeness, accuracy, and integrity.

Fire Records Reconciliation and Validation Challenges

In 2020, California experienced a series of dry lightning strikes across the state resulting in an unprecedented number of wildfires that severely damaged electric utility infrastructure. Hundreds of thousands of trees needed mitigation due to fire damage to support electric service restoration and safe reliable service.  Physical work was performed by multiple contractors in multiple areas resulting in fragmentation of work records in varying formats located in different places with no central repository causing concerns about completeness, accuracy, and integrity.

Fire Records Reconciliation and Validation Results

Clear Path assembled a project team of seasoned VM professionals, gathered records on 23 wildfires, developed a records reconciliation and validation plan and performed a systematic validation assessment to assure records were available for all work performed, all work recorded was performed, work was performed to specification and records were accurate.  Records for each fire were then archived and available for retrieval when and if needed.

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