Clear Path Utilities Vegetation Management Services

Powered by seasoned experts from our subsidiary company, Clear Path Utility Solutions, Celerity's Vegetation Management division provides proven, world-class service and expertise from construction management to emergency management, quality support, pre-inspections, and beyond.

Orchestrating Fluid Execution Between Construction and Vegetation Field Services to Maximize Project Outcomes

Powered by the vegetation management experts from Celerity‚Äôs subsidiary company, Clear Path Utility Solutions, our vegetation management division orchestrates an integral, leadership role between construction companies and vegetation field services, providing advanced emergency and non-emergency response services to help utility companies assess, plan, and execute vegetation projects in the field. From construction management to emergency management, quality support and pre-inspections, Clear Path Vegetation Management experts provide hands-on consulting strategy, project management and quality control services to optimize emergency and non-emergency projects as they evolve.

Vegetation Management Support

Our Vegetation Management expertise lies in delivering comprehensive VM solutions that blend industry-leading practices with innovative strategies to enhance utility operations. 

Construction Management

Our Construction Management Services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the utility sector.

Emergency Management

Our Emergency Management services are specifically designed to address the urgent and complex challenges faced by utility companies during unforeseen events.

Environmental and Safety

Our Environmental and Safety services provide comprehensive environmental assessments, ensuring all vegetation management and construction projects meet ecological standards and best practices.

Quality Support

Our Quality Assurance and Support services provide unparalleled expertise in conducting thorough inspections, audits, and evaluations to ensure quality and safety. 


Our Pre-Inspection Reporting & Strategic Planning Services provide early detection and proactive management to help manage and minimize risk.


Our Vegetation Management division provides expert analysis, strategy, and field management services for electric public utility organizations seeking assistance in optimizing projects in the field. 


Experts in orchestrating fluid data and field assessments, our vegetation management experts help gas and pipeline utility organizations plan and execute timely, cost-effective projects to expedite construction activities 


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