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Navigating ERP System Decisions: Challenges and Considerations for Utilities

Utilities currently confront critical decisions regarding the end-of-life or upgrade of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Maximo. Common to all these decisions are significant challenges related to data management and maintaining consistent business processes. 

Celerity’s Business Integration division is uniquely positioned to engage with your IT and Operations organizations, offering a comprehensive strategy and approach to address both present and future data challenges and their implications on business processes. Celerity Business Integration services play a pivotal role in cultivating a cohesive and interconnected operational environment, seamlessly integrating diverse technological systems, applications and processes within the utility infrastructure. 

By optimizing workflows and facilitating information flow, these services empower utilities to effectively leverage technology, resulting in heightened operational efficiencies, streamlined processes and more responsive approaches to dynamic challenges in the utility sector.

Our approach tackles the intricacies of utility operations by ensuring the harmonious interaction of various components, such as asset management systems, work order processing and data analytics platforms. This integration fosters collaboration across departments and establishes a robust foundation for future technological enhancements. 

Whether linking field operations with central databases or integrating customer information systems, Business Integration services enable utilities to extract maximum value from their technological investments. This, in turn, cultivates a more agile, resilient, and technologically advanced utility landscape.


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Having a robust program strategy is crucial for the success of any ERP or technology initiative.

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Business Systems Integration

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Technology System Consulting

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Celerity’s Utilities Business Integration Consulting Expertise

  • Tenured business and systems integration specialists with 25+ years’ experience
  • Extensive experience supporting large, regulated utilities with implementations 
  • Vast experience and understanding of utility data, documentation compliance and regulations
  • Savvy practitioners that navigate, understand and execute projects with large and small integrations 
  • Understand the complexities, challenges, risks and rewards of large ERP initiatives to small application deployments
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