Program Strategy

The success of any ERP technology initiative relies on a robust program strategy with strong executive leadership to create the environment for change and understand that technology includes people, processes, and data. 

Adopt Change With Strategic Utility Business Systems Integration

By incorporating key business integration elements into the program strategy, organizations can enhance the likelihood of a successful ERP or technology implementation and realize the intended benefits of the new system.

Celerity works with your cross-functional team or System Integrator to deliver:

  • Clear Objectives and Scope
  • Thorough Needs Assessment
  • Data Migration and Cleansing Strategy
  • Change Management Plan
  • Detailed Project Plan and Timeline
  • Risk Mitigation Plans
  • Customization vs. Standardization Decisions
  • Continuous Improvement Opportunities
  • Post-Implementation Support
  • Performance Metrics and Evaluation

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Program Strategy Services for Utilities

Celerity’s Project Management Office (PMO) services assume a critical role in bolstering your technology initiative through systematic and strategic supervision across the project lifecycle. This encompasses the creation of governance frameworks, meticulous project planning and adept coordination to guarantee the alignment of technology initiatives with overarching business objectives. 

By providing specialized project management proficiency, our PMO services augment the capacity to execute technology projects punctually, within budgetary constraints and in adherence to industry best practices.

Celerity’s project management services employ systematic methodologies, tools and expertise to adeptly plan, execute and finalize projects within an organizational framework. Encompassing a diverse array of activities, these services span; project initiation, scope definition, scheduling, budgeting, risk management and quality control. 

Our proficient project managers assume a central role in coordinating and guiding project teams, fostering efficient communication, collaboration and strict adherence to timelines. Integral to this process is their pivotal role in resource allocation, task prioritization and adept problem resolution – each focused on ensuring timely and budget-conscious delivery of projects.

Celerity’s Project Quality Assessment (PQA) services represent integral facets of project management, concentrating on the evaluation and assurance of a project’s alignment with predetermined quality standards and objectives. 

PQA services entail a methodical examination of project processes, deliverables and outcomes to pinpoint areas for enhancement while guaranteeing the project’s compliance with, or surpassing, specified quality criteria. Comprising comprehensive inspections, audits and evaluations, these quality assessment services rigorously assess project documentation, methodologies and practices.

Celerity Business and Technology Roadmap services are strategic planning initiatives that guide organizations in aligning their business objectives with technological advancements.

These services involve the development of a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the integration of technology solutions to achieve specific business goals. The roadmap outlines a phased plan that aligns technology initiatives with business milestones, ensuring a strategic and cohesive approach to implementation.

Celerity Business and Technology Readiness State assessments are comprehensive evaluations conducted within organizations to gauge their preparedness for adopting and integrating new technologies into their business processes. These assessments involve a thorough examination of both the technological infrastructure and the organizational readiness to embrace and leverage emerging technologies. 

Business and Technology Readiness State assessments encompass factors including:

  • Current technological landscape
  • Existing systems
  • Data security measures
  • Employee skill sets
  • Overall organizational cultures

The assessments serve as a foundation for decision-making, resource planning and risk management, ensuring a smoother transition to new technologies and maximizing the benefits of innovation within the organization. 

Celerity’s Utilities Strategic Planning Expertise

Celerity’s utilities strategic planning expertise integrates a business-led approach, cross-functional standards and a deep understanding of end-user needs. By prioritizing clean data and emphasizing problem-solving, they ensure effective solutions that address core business challenges.

  • Business Led Approach
  • Cross-Functional with Standard Work
  • End User Empathy and Understanding 
  • Clean Data – Garbage In Garbage Out
  • Identifying and Solving Business Problems
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