Electric Distribution Design and Estimating

Celerity Consulting excels in providing tailored electric construction job packages, specializing in pole replacements, system hardening, capacity projects, and overhead-to-underground conversions.

Electric Utility Design and Construction Estimation Services

Celerity is prepared to provide electric construction job packages per your business requirements using the requisite tools and design standards/criteria. Our areas of expertise include pole replacements, system hardening (overhead and underground reconductoring and improvements to system reliability equipment), system capacity projects (overhead and underground) and overhead to underground conversions.

Our job packages will meet or exceed your expectations of timeliness and accuracy. Celerity Consulting will be a good value for your estimating project dollar. Using your company’s information and tools, we are poised to perform the needed field check in advance of estimating. Then our designers will perform needed calculations, develop construction drawing(s), materials list, crew job instructions and a summary cost for the work included in the project at hand.

Why Choose Celerity for Electric Estimating Projects?

  • Over 200 collective years of experience working for Investor-Owned Utilities
  • Quality field checking packages and as-is documentation
  • Designs performed and job packages provided with top decile performance in both timeliness and quality
  • At least two levels of Quality Control 


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Our Electric Project Estimating Services

Our commitment will be to bring our collective experience with electric project estimating to support your goals of scope, schedule and cost. We have a successful track record of working with major utilities like PG&E, one of California’s Investor-Owned Utilities. We are in partnership to help them meet their program targets on time, with high quality and within the cost allocation for the electric estimating function.

Once the fieldwork is performed by Celerity’s fielders, our designers will perform needed pole safety calculations for the proposed facilities, develop a construction drawing (typically AutoCAD), inventory the facilities being removed, installed, transferred, or abandoned, initiate intents of work to other joint utility partners and provide a material list and job instructions for the crew.

Celerity is also able to provide a PE-stamped safety document on pole strength calculations performed by our designers if needed.

Once the scope of work is described, we will perform the needed field site assessments and then prepare the job estimate.

These job estimates will include the elements described in the Pole Replacement segment as well as additional sketches or documents to describe circuit changes and new equipment operating numbers for your system operations team.

If your needs go beyond ensuring service reliability, you may find it necessary to extend an existing circuit (either overhead or underground) to tap into alternative energy sources or enhance conductor size to meet regular or emergency loads.

Once the project scope is outlined, we conduct thorough field site assessments and proceed to create a comprehensive job estimate. In the case of underground projects, our capabilities extend to providing cable-pulling tension calculations for pull direction determination, along with box/pad details showcasing conduit arrangements and provisions for retaining walls/barrier posts.

These job estimate packages encompass meticulous attention to detail, safety calculations, timeliness, and quality that are synonymous with Celerity’s contributions to other electric projects.

Should the need arise to convert existing overhead facilities to an underground distribution system for enhanced capacity or reliability, Celerity Consulting is fully equipped to facilitate this transformation. Collaborating with other project partners, including land agents, permitting agents and construction / project management personnel, we ensure a seamless process.

Our commitment extends to delivering milestone documents, such as 30 / 60 / 90 percent designs, and actively participating in project meetings, field walk-downs and scoping exercises.

Conducting thorough field site assessments, we then prepare the necessary documents to our stringent standards for timeliness and quality. This includes the creation of trench section diagrams and composite / civil drawings as required for a comprehensive and effective project implementation.

Celerity possesses the tools and know-how to gather current and as-is information seamlessly, eliminating the need for revisits. This includes capturing job site images, determining electric asset heights of attachment, identifying pole contact participants and associated equipment, conducting assessments related to tree trimming and vegetation remediation and addressing vehicles / equipment and permit requirements for job construction.

Our dedicated personnel are ready to collaborate with your company’s IT Team and System of Record, ensuring adaptability to the required records format.

Celerity excels in AutoCAD, skillfully employing client templates, ribbons and symbology essential for our tasks. We recognize that specific job types often generate product documents initiated or developed in AutoCAD.

Understanding that different companies may utilize their own drafting software, Celerity is ready to collaborate with you. We offer our support to acquire the necessary software, learn its intricacies, and achieve proficiency as required to meet the expectations of quality and timeliness for your job assignments.

At Celerity, we understand that every company we collaborate with has unique requirements for their design package complement, varying by job type. We not only acknowledge this diversity but anticipate it, and we’re prepared to collaborate with you closely.

Our commitment is to identify the essential job package components and seamlessly integrate either your tools or align with your preferences to furnish the required information in the format necessary for your financial, operations, construction and mapping partners. Renowned for our expertise in data and database management, Celerity takes pride in being a trusted provider, with a skilled team capable of crafting templates or product formats tailored to meet specific deliverable needs.


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