Incident Response Services

Celerity leverages our experienced teams, established methodologies and full suite of litigation support services to help our clients strategically and tactically respond when an incident has occurred.

Incident Response for Utility and Energy Organizations

When an incident occurs, our clients and their employees’ primary goal is to fix the problem and keep people safe, whether that is plugging a leak, putting out a fire or dealing with the aftermath of an explosion. Working hand in hand with Legal, Celerity works to protect the company by managing and optimizing risks to the company during the response and in the regulatory investigations and litigation that follow.

During the response to an incident, many different parties may be involved, including the client, established providers and partners, new providers specifically hired for the response, consultants, contractors, customers, public sources, etc.  Each of these parties amass data, whether on computers and servers, mobile devices, cloud data sources, social networking sites, databases and proprietary applications. Celerity assists with identifying and tracking this information, which we later use for custodian identification, legal hold notification and acknowledgment, the system enforces preservation holds, custodial collections from devices and systems, data processing and hosting, document review and production, structured data analysis, forensic data analysis and expert witness testimony.

In a response, you don’t just need to know what was collected, processed, reviewed and produced. You need to know what data was not and be prepared to explain to regulators why. Celerity can assist with this.

Utilities Incident Response Services

To respond to your incident, Celerity brings the full breadth of our eDiscovery services including:

  • Digital Forensics
  • Identification
  • Preservation and Collection
  • Data Filtering and Culling
  • Processing and Hosting
  • Review Analytics and Optimization
  • Managed Document Review
  • Document Production

Many incidents involve data stored in databases, asset management systems, SAP, GIS and other proprietary applications.  Celerity team brings decades of experience in analyzing structured and semi-structured data repositories, including:

  • Structured Data Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Database Development

Celerity Expert Witness professionals provide written opinions, declarations and affidavits to support incident response, including:

  • Data analysis summarization and expert opinions on large complex matters
  • Efficacy, transparency and defensibility of litigation technology and associated processes and procedures
  • Computer forensics and electronic evidence recovery, including the defensibility of search protocols, reasonableness of collection practices and completeness of data collections
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