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Our teams are highly experienced providing live testimony in court as respected subject matter experts, contributing written and defended expert direct and rebuttal reports and providing live expert rebuttal testimony against opposing experts.

Expert Witnesses for Electric & Gas Utility Organizations

Celerity Expert Witness professionals provide written opinions, declarations and affidavits to support clients throughout the legal process. 

  • Data analysis, summarization and expert opinions in complex litigation and arbitration matters
  • Efficacy, transparency and defensibility of litigation technology and associated processes and procedures
  • Computer forensics and electronic evidence recovery, including the defensibility of search protocols, reasonableness of collection practices and completeness of data collections
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Chris Purdy, Vice President of Litigation Services at Celerity Consulting Group

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Utilities Expert Witness Services

At our core, we are consultants, skilled at reaching, preparing and presenting complex data and information logically and concisely. These skills serve us well as the authors of expert, reply and rebuttal reports supporting our extensive expertise in data reporting, exhibit production and report appendices.

Celerity professionals have amassed extensive experience providing live testimony before Arbitration Panels of Federal judges, in State Superior Court, before Federal Grand Juries, in Public Utility Commission investigation hearings and in National Transportation Safety Board en banc Hearings.  We have a wide range of experts with experience testifying on matters from electronic discovery to data analysis to electric and natural gas utilities’ best practices. 

At Celerity, we approach the Rebuttal of Opposing Experts with methodical precision, conducting a critical examination of their work. Our seasoned team excels in identifying misrepresentations, false equivalencies, non-sequiturs and omissions that may infiltrate others’ testimony. Armed with data, rigor and concise language, we steadfastly set the record straight on behalf of our clients.

Benefits of Celerity’s Expert
Witness Testimony

Our team of experienced professionals provides compelling expert witness testimony inclusive of the following:  

Key members of our senior management team have assisted counsel with discovery for 30+ years, teach Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses, speak at conferences, possess multiple industry certifications, and play active roles in the Sedona Conference and the development of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).   

The core of our services, even in non-testifying scenarios, revolves around the adept gathering and synthesis of information, culminating in the presentation of a compelling narrative. Whether it’s orchestrating a discovery strategy spanning terabytes of data across diverse organizations, scrutinizing a utility’s crisis response or analyzing varied data sets central to damage claims or arbitrations, we possess the expertise to articulate intricate information clearly.

These skills seamlessly translate into exemplary expert witness work, both in written and oral formats, showcasing our ability to navigate complexity with precision and clarity.

We can confidently speak to the integrity of the underlying data that we work with, not just the analyses that we have performed on that data. 

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