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Celerity has a proven track record of working with large and diverse data sets in methodical and defensible fashions to provide simple answers to complex legal and business questions.

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Leverage Data Analysis for Utilities Litigation Support

We are well-versed in working with structured data from most electronic sources, including local and laptop computers, networks, accounting, and payroll systems such as SAS, SAP, and proprietary databases. 

We also convert unstructured data, such as data contained within Word or PDF documents, into a structured format required to be properly analyzed. From basic queries to complex cursors and algorithms, our work is performed systematically and can be supported through declarations or testimony.

The Experts in Data Analysis for Utility Litigation Support

We’ve worked on some of the largest, most complex and high-profile data analysis matters in the country, including opioid data analysis for multiple states, complex data analysis in support of more than a dozen states stemming from the landmark 1998 tobacco settlement matter and data analysis related to vaping products litigation.

Celerity has multiple PMP-certified project managers who have worked on some of the most complex litigation matters in the industry. Combining proven techniques with appropriate technologies and a tailored approach, we deliver projects on time and on budget.

Celerity offers a range of eDiscovery and digital forensics technology choices to ensure client and project needs are met. We also develop custom applications when a case or matter has special requirements.


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Data Analytics Services for Utilities Litigation

At the core of Celerity’s Data Analysis services lies a fundamental principle – the strength of cases hinges on the quality of data. We understand that even the most advanced analyses can’t secure victories if the underlying data is inconsistent, filled with gaps or plagued by illogical values.

Therefore, we dedicate equal attention to the initial phases of data cleansing, validation, normalization and meticulous examination as we do to the transparent back-end processes of querying, code writing and reporting. This ensures that every step is undertaken with precision and thoroughness, following a defensible approach to deliver results of the highest caliber.

Celerity Reporting services include development of dynamic heat maps and interactive charts to statistically based regression analyses. We are experts at providing compelling front page presentations of our work, backed up with detailed charts and spreadsheets that enable clients to easily dive deeply into the nuances behind the front-end visuals. All reports are diligently footnoted to document sources, methodologies and assumptions.   

In the intricate web of Celerity’s operations, our Database Development services serve as the bedrock and driving force for the majority of our projects. With over 25 years of expertise, our seasoned database managers specialize in crafting meticulously structured databases from diverse data sources, always with a focus on the back-end analysis essential to your objectives.

Our databases encompass vital data points, meticulously curated to fulfill the quantitative analytical requirements of your case. Employing the most efficient data management architectures, we guarantee that the underlying data, regardless of its initial state, emerges as clean, concise and fundamentally sound – a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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