Regulatory and Legal Response

Assisting with the information-intensive requirements of challenging legal and regulatory situations.

Celerity’s expertise in regulatory support, litigation support, incident response and information management combine to provide you with an invaluable partner in times of regulatory filing and response spikes. We can mobilize rapidly and provide the expertise, personnel and technology to effectively meet this information management challenge.

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Legal and Regulatory
Response Services

Help with the “heavy lifting” of producing a filing and responding to data requests.

Information Management Solution Design

Efficiently producing a filing and handling an influx of data requests requires an established process and technology to coordinate the participants and information. The process should include steps, owners, timeframes and deliverables. It should be supported by a lean, but effective database application that houses the data requests and responses, allows for tracking through to completion and supports reporting on progress and results. Celerity will work with your IT group to understand the feasibility of utilizing in-house tools. Where there are gaps, Celerity can provide a secure online solution, Oliver Regulatory Request Manager.

Research and Analysis Support

Celerity consultants can help mitigate the demands placed on an organization’s subject matter experts (SMEs). We can serve as an SME’s information partner to identify approaches to preparing a report, gather the necessary data, analyze and summarize the data to inform the SME’s response and create visually compelling work-product to include in a filing or response. We also help the SME manage his/her assigned data requests, performing research on previous responses for similarities to save time and ensure consistency and assisting with prompt submission.

Data Request Management

Celerity can provide a dedicated team to manage the logistics of the data request process, from receipt to response. Celerity logs each data request at the filing and question level and tracks the scope through to completion.

The team provides timely status reports, showing data points, such as average response time and on-time response percentage by agency or group. These insights help identify bottlenecks or resource constraints so adjustments can be made.

Celerity adheres to Project Management Professional (PMP) principles as established by the Project Management Institute. The majority of our project management team is PMP-certified or in training to sit for this credential. The results are clear in our well-run projects that are on time and on budget.

Discovery Support

Celerity leverages our deep experience in litigation to support the very similar demands of responding to regulatory inquiries and requests and providing necessary documentation. We are well-versed in interviewing custodians, collecting supporting documentation from a myriad of data sources, assisting with the review process, tracking data to its corresponding filing or response reference and preparing the data for delivery.

A full spectrum of support services.

Celerity has helped clients successfully navigate hundreds of litigation or claims matters. Our expertise with the entire litigation lifecycle and the particular information requirements at each stage, along with our experience with the natural gas industry – from regulations to people to process to documentation – provide counsel a powerful ally in weathering and prevailing in disputes.

Litigation Readiness

Companies need to have an efficient and defensible process – before litigation hits. Our services cover the spectrum of litigation-readiness – from assessment and strategy development, to legal hold and discovery plan development, to ESI data mapping so data locations are known in advance.

Our key strengths are our understanding of the interplay between records management and litigation readiness, our decades of hands on discovery experience, and our deep expertise in configuring, implementing and testing major litigation readiness packages to ensure they perform as expected. We can work with most legal hold and early case assessment tools including those by Autonomy, Symantec, Legal Hold Pro, Exterro, EMC and IBM.


Celerity provides the full range of consulting and technology, across the discovery lifecycle:

Identification ► Preservation and Collection ► Analysis ► Processing ► Hosting ► Document Review ► Production

We are well-versed in collecting from a myriad of data sources including, smart phones and tablets, cloud email and storage, social media, enterprise content management systems and enterprise applications. Our technology approach is adaptive: we offer our own in-house tools, such as the Oliver Review Platform, as well as industry-standard applications such as Relativity. We consistently help clients defensibly reduce cost and speed production through early data assessment and review optimization techniques such as Technology-Assisted Review.

We also provide rapid and reliable document imaging and coding, in-house or through proven, cost-effective local and offshore partners.

Digital Forensics

Celerity’s forensic analysis services can help clients find answers hidden within electronic data that typical processing, analysis and review don’t reveal. These services are especially helpful when electronic evidence has been damaged, when there are concerns that custodian evidence may have been tampered with, or when file or system metadata may hold the key to critical case questions.

Specifically, our forensic consultants can find and restore lost, hidden or damaged files; analyze operating system and file artifacts to understand user behavior, including file deletion and anti-forensic activity and analyze other forensic expert reports. Our team includes professionals with EnCase credentials and experts who have provided affidavits, opinions and expert testimony.

Damages Analysis

Celerity’s historical roots are in forensic accounting and claim analysis and our skill at gathering, processing, analyzing, and reporting on financial and business data is second to none. Our experience ranges from gathering and coding time card data to report on potential employee benefits claims…to analyzing sales data in support of a multi-billion dollar, multi-year settlement…to reviewing and compiling thousands of SAP records and invoices to document a breach of contract claim.

Whatever the matter, we can do the heavy lifting in constructing a claim, in a very cost-effective manner. An advantage of engaging us early is that we may perform a first-cut assessment of damages under the veil of privilege.

Trial Support

Celerity’s trial support services help you take that final winning step. Our Data Preparation Services include document scanning, image enhancement, video digitization, deposition transcript conversion, exhibit management and witness binder creation.

Exhibit Creation Services include timelines, graphs and charts, hardboard and interactive demonstratives, and video and audio clips. Our Trial Presentation Services include presentation development and management, war room setup and 24 x 7 support, and courtroom equipment configuration and setup.

Claims Support

Celerity provides cost-effective support of the claims management process, including analytical services to help quantify potential claims or to audit submitted claims; a team to field, research, and resolve the claims, information management tools to ensure a defensible and efficient process, consulting to design and manage the workflow and project management to ensure progress and report on results.

When the unthinkable happens, information is king.

Celerity helps handle the information management needs of counsel and business executives, who are responsible in high-stakes situations to uncover and report on critical information. Our array of services includes:

Before an event:

Celerity can best assist by designing and testing a Crisis Information Management Plan, which would include:

  • An overview of the phases of a crisis and what information will be demanded and when
  • Information owners and their roles
  • A nimble technology system, leveraging existing solutions where possible, to house relevant crisis-related data
  • A lean process to ensure that post-event information is captured effectively and defensively
  • A protocol for identifying and preserving relevant pre-event information in a defensible manner

After an event:

Celerity can assist by

  • Consulting on a Crisis Information Management Process (if no CIMP exists)
  • Instituting and Managing Legal Hold
  • Deploying the Appropriate Technology Solution
  • Assisting with Data Request Management
  • Performing Data Recovery and Preservation
  • Fielding a Collection Team
  • Providing End-to-End Discovery Support
  • Supporting the Claims Process

Our team has assisted on several of the highest-profile events in the nation in the last few years. Our reach is national and our team can be mobilized quickly. Contact us to see how we can help your company or client respond effectively to an accident, incident, or significant event.

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