Price-Fixing Suit

Outside counsel hired Celerity to support an international electronics manufacturer being sued for price-fixing. Initially, Celerity advised on the defensibility of the post-processing culling approach instituted by a previous discovery vendor which was under question due to inadvertent production of privileged documents. Then Celerity was asked to review and scope an issue with the review platform whereby Asian-language text was not interpreted correctly. Celerity determined the previous processing vendor had exported data in a format inconsistent with that required by the client’s review platform and necessary for correctly reading the numerous documents in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Celerity offered several alternatives to correct this issue and the client chose to import 1.5 TB of data into OLIVER, Celerity’s web-based document review platform capable of handling Asian languages as well as being customized to suit the specific review requirements of the case. Ultimately, Celerity’s advice and technology allowed the client to quickly fix a significant flaw in the review process, thus avoiding sanctions, and produce over 253,000 documents.