Pipeline Integrity Support

Because pipeline integrity requires data integrity.

Most pipeline integrity analyses underestimate the research and data management requirements of the task. We help ensure client analyses are accurate by making sure the supporting data is complete, accurate, and accessible. Our project expertise includes supporting engineering teams on the following types of initiatives:

  • MAOP reconfirmation
  • High Consequence Area (HCA) identification and study
  • Moderate Consequence Area (MCA) identification and study
  • Review of “grandfathered” pipelines and pipeline pressure tests
  • Assist with expanded records requirements
  • Identification and audit of traceable, verifiable and complete records (TVC)
  • Application of PHMSA Advisory Bulletin ADB-2012-06 to pipeline records
  • Planning for expansion of integrity assessments
  • Research and validation of material property records
  • Planning and tracking data for expanded PHMSA annual report filing (F7100.1-1 and F7100.2-1)
  • Plan and execute direct assessment and material verification digs
  • Class location studies
  • Leak survey and repair reporting
  • Data integrity audits

Typically, our team of engineers and information management consultants work to provide some or all of the following assistance:

  • Gather and centralize supporting documentation, such as design, maintenance and inspection records
  • Review and code documents to extract key data
  • Prepare data packages to inform the analysis
  • Perform a first-pass analysis
  • Review analyses for accuracy
  • Research additional data or exceptions as needed
  • Document methodologies and prepare reports
  • Provide project management support

In addition, our VeriLine Data Capture Platform can be tailored to support the research and analysis effort and help ensure data integrity.

We are an exceptionally valuable partner in time-sensitive situations. Working on a consultative or staff augmentation basis, we can mobilize teams quite quickly and be onsite within days.