Celerity’s agile document review solution

The Oliver Online Document Reviewer meets the needs of counsel who require an accessible, streamlined, online document review tool with the primary features of leading review applications – and the ability to adapt.

High-points of our Oliver platform include:

  • Rich reporting illustrates your review progress, reviewers’ contributions, and the pace of your review. A full set of custom chart types is available.
  • Focus on select data or reveal a full view with features like Accordions and Show/Hide Tags to effectively navigate a large tag tree.
  • A visual and intuitive interface provides more context, such as batch criteria previews and rich notes; allows you to add tags on the fly.
  • Hone in on patterns quickly. Group your data, or to narrow your view quickly to take full advantage of data in any grid.
  • Customizations have included: integration with Google Maps for location-sensitive reviews, custodian interviews and contact tracking, integration with CaseMap for timelines.
  • Add-ons: Integration with Content Analyst to enable Technology Assisted Review through concept clustering/searching, and predictive coding based on exemplars.

The Oliver Online Document Reviewer is generally used in a consultative manner on litigation projects as well as non-litigation projects such as a document compliance reviews and environmental matters.

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