Helping ensure as-built documentation is complete, timely, and compliant.

Celerity can be your information management partner at times when compliance initiatives, accelerated timeframes, or records management mandates require additional resources and expertise. Our team of engineers and information management consultants can work on a consultative or staff augmentation basis and mobilize rapidly to provide the following support:

  • Collection, centralization, and organization of hard copy drawings and documentation, such as design, maintenance, and inspection records.
  • Conversion of hard copy to electronic data.
  • Recommendations on improving records and data management.
  • Supporting pipeline integrity analyses, such as MAOP verification and class location studies. This includes preparing data packages to support the analysis, reviewing technical documents and drawings to code data or confirm accuracy, researching and resolving unclear or missing data elements, validating calculations, and managing the workflow.

We are an exceptionally valuable partner in time-sensitive situations; we can mobilize teams quite quickly and be onsite within days.