Data Migration and Integration

Helping clients achieve the “single source of truth.”

There’s no question that centralizing and standardizing data helps organizations be more effective in finding and analyzing information to make decisions on assets, to respond to regulators, and to reduce the overhead cost of managing disparate silos of data. Celerity helps clients on this formidable journey with the following services.


Preparing data for migration to new platforms.

Moving data to new platforms requires specific and proven expertise. Celerity has decades of experience helping clients with the following:

  • Records Conversion: Digitizing hard copy through scanning. Performing OCR to improve future retrieval. Our teams have scanned millions of pages for clients over the past decades.
  • Data Processing: Preparing digital files for data loading, primarily through generating images and extracting metadata. Celerity has processed terabytes of electronic data for compliance and litigation matters.
  • Attribute Coding: Reviewing drawings and documents and capturing key metadata. We’ve defined review criteria, staffed and trained teams, and managed reviews from start to finish.
  • Data Preparation and Transfer: Validating, normalizing, mapping, and transferring data through download/upload protocols and routines, and through APIs. Our technical staff have years of experience in ensuring data is transferred to client systems successfully.

We differentiate ourselves on service. Every project is led by an experienced manager who focuses on responsiveness and data quality. We have both in-house resources as well as a network of proven onshore and offshore vendors to ensure we are always able to meet client needs, large or small. And, our rates are extremely competitive.


Assessing data quality and advising on how to improve it.

Either as a part of an IT or business effort, or in response to a compliance or regulatory matter, Celerity helps companies evaluate their data quality – and make improvements.

  • Data Integrity Audits: Similar to our records audits, our data integrity audits focus on assessing the quality of existing electronic data, bringing in our data analysis expertise. Using data validation routines such as checking for gaps in a data set, identifying outliers or identifying atypical entries, Celerity can help find anomalies before they become an issue. We also help verify the quality of an important dataset using statistically valid sampling, which can save time and cost over a 100% review. In addition, Celerity can provide staff to support teams with existing quality control reviews. We frequently provide this service in preparation of engineering efforts or responses to an agency inquiry.
  • Data Quality Process Improvement: Celerity can review installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement processes that generate key data from a data quality standpoint, advising where there may be quality assurance or quality control gaps, recommending protocols, resources, and technology solutions to close those gaps, and identifying additional opportunities for efficiency.

Celerity consultants are well versed in all manner of gas documentation and data, including engineering specifications and GIS/GPS data. We also are skilled at the art of advising how current or impending regulations translate into specific data requirements.