Stations MAOP Verification Support

Celerity Consulting Group was retained to assist a major natural gas pipeline operator with MAOP verification for approximately 65 gas transmission regulator stations and nearly 100 new construction work orders spread throughout its service territory. The scope of work included data collection, document review, and the development of detailed station feature studies, which provided a basis for the final MAOP calculations. Celerity first conducted a pilot on five (5) stations, the results of which were used to refine the overall data gathering process and feature study model for the balance of the MAOP validation project. Celerity both mined information from the client’s existing electronic records management system and utilized additional hard copy documents retrieved from multiple facilities located across the client’s service territory. Celerity was able to leverage its proprietary VeriLine software tool to review and organize the supporting documents, increasing the efficiency of the feature study and resulting in an analysis that was traceable, verifiable, and complete.