Bankruptcy Claims Management Assistance

Celerity assisted a client undergoing bankruptcy with the information management aspects of handling thousands of claims. Our team performed an initial categorization on thousands of claims and directed them to the appropriate client resolution team. Our support also included informing the appropriate parties when a pre-petition or administrative claim was filed and performing an initial analysis to determine due date validity, screen for duplication, and flag for similarity to an existing claim to ensure consistent resolution based upon transaction or occurrence type and filing party. Celerity also worked directly with the client financing team to determine monies required for emergence out of bankruptcy and assisted in preparing for the final payout that would be made on the Effective Date. Finally, Celerity assisted with the preparation of data, which was sent to the noticing agent in preparation for various notices sent to claimants, including notice of Confirmation, and the Effective Date. Throughout the project, Celerity helped develop efficient processes for managing the flow of information between the client groups. Celerity’s role as an integral information management resource helped our client weather this difficult time more easily and ultimately emerge successfully from bankruptcy.