Technology Patent Infringement Case

Celerity assisted an international e-commerce company with discovery in the defense of a multi-party patent infringement case. Celerity’s client performed collections in-house and provided the data to Celerity for processing. Celerity then imported the data into OLIVER, further culled the population through keyword searching, and prepared the resulting data set for review using Content Analyst to identify similar and near-duplicate documents. Celerity conducted a first-pass relevance review on over 70,000 records in native file format using OLIVER, our in-house facility and a team of reviewers. Celerity verified quality through statistical sampling which reduced the need for a second-pass review prior to production. Throughout the year, Celerity imported additional custodian data from the client and ultimately produced over a million pages. Celerity also provided attorneys with access to the OLIVER privilege log feature in order to create and produce that document. Shortly after final production, a jury invalidated the Prosecutor’s patents resulting in a victory for our client and the remaining Defendants.