Pharmaceutical Average Wholesale Price Suit

Celerity’s client was sued for allegedly reporting inflated average wholesale prices for drugs they manufacture. Celerity provided initial discovery advice to help the client successfully negotiate search terms to limit the amount of data processed and reviewed. Celerity also advised on custodian identification and collection methodology. Celerity then fielded a team to another state to interview custodians and collect hard copy and electronic data using targeted and forensic approaches as necessary. Data was loaded into OLIVER – Celerity’s web-based platform – for the relevance and privilege review. Additionally, Celerity coordinated the extraction of sales transaction data from SAP and Oracle and loaded it into a SQL database to be produced to Plaintiffs as a “reasonably usable format” under Rule 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Celerity’s advice and streamlined approach is estimated to have saved the client hundreds of thousands in processing and review costs.