Defense Contractor Patent Infringement Suit

When a subcontractor sued a defense contractor for patent infringement of weapons guidance technology, counsel hired Celerity to collect potentially responsive electronic and hard copy data from 100 custodians, primarily engineers and research development employees. Due to the highly confidential subject matter, Celerity performed its collections onsite in highly-secure facilities and was required to submit collected data for review prior to removal from the premises. For particularly sensitive material, Celerity interfaced with counsel who held the highest security clearance and would review the data and provide a copy to Celerity only if relevant. Other unique aspects of this collection were the gathering and processing of SharePoint files from client servers as well as the presence of over 70,000 oversized drawings and schematics. All data was loaded into OLIVER – Celerity’s web-based platform – and culled through search term analysis, thereby saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars.