Executory Contracts Analysis

Celerity provided significant assistance to a client undergoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy by helping them resolve thousands of outstanding executory contracts and unexpired leases within a very tight time. Our teams began by collecting thousands of these contracts and leases from over 100 sources to prepare Schedule G of the filing. The client required further assistance with "curing" a subset of the contracts – a significant pool of new electric service contracts with homebuilder customers. This required Celerity to review and analyze supporting maps and technical documents to extract the information necessary to cure the contract. This data was input into an analytical database that calculated the contract amounts owed by or due to the customer, reconciled against claim amounts paid. Celerity provided summary and detail debt reports to the client, and updated the database and reports as classifications changed or new claims were filed. Celerity managed these multiple efforts throughout, ensuring quality, and controlling the scope, schedule, and budget. Our scalable assistance and information management expertise allowed the client to fulfill this obligation in a timely and cost-effective manner.