Analysis in Support of Complex Construction Dispute

Celerity assisted a construction and engineering company in a complex, multi-year dispute with the operator of a 38-year old nuclear power plant. Celerity’s client, hired to decommission the plant, claimed the operator failed to disclose problems such as groundwater contamination which increased costs and caused delays in the decommissioning. After conducting a massive data search and collection effort of paper, electronic and email data, Celerity processed over 10 million equivalent pages of data. The extracted information was culled and categorized on-line. Celerity assisted counsel in the development of a cost effective and streamlined relevance review strategy, and used its on-line application, Oliver, to research, cull and categorize data, and collaborate with co-counsel and outside experts. Celerity also helped create the privilege log and facilitated multiple productions to opposing counsel, tracking production history within Oliver as well.