Expert Witness

Celerity can provide expert testimony on all aspects of the discovery process.

Celerity professionals have provided written opinions, declarations, and affidavits; have been deposed as experts; and have provided expert testimony on our discovery services and discovery performed by the opposing side.

  • The efficacy, transparency, and defensibility of litigation technology and associated process and procedures.
  • Computer forensics and electronic evidence recovery including the defensibility of search protocols, reasonableness of collection practices, and completeness of data collections performed that may help disprove or prove, allegations of e-discovery spoliation.
  • Approaches to data summarization, validation, and analysis.

Key members of our senior management team have been assisting counsel with discovery for over 20 years, have taught CLE and educational courses, have spoken at conferences, have a number of industry certifications and have played an active role in the Sedona Conference and the development of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model.

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