Digital Forensics

When a deeper look into electronic evidence is required.

Celerity’s forensic analysis services can help clients find answers hidden within electronic data that typical processing, analysis and review don’t reveal.

These services are especially helpful when electronic evidence has been damaged, when there are concerns that custodian evidence may have been tampered with, or when file or system metadata may hold the key to critical case questions. Specifically, our forensic consultants can:

  • Find and restore lost, hidden or damaged files
  • Analyze operating system and file artifacts to understand user behavior, including file deletion and anti-forensic activity
  • Provide affidavits and expert testimony
  • Analyze other forensic expert reports

Of note, we also have experience in reviewing software design and code to determine possible intellectual property infringement.

Our team includes professionals with EnCE credentials and experts who have provided affidavits, opinions and expert testimony. Technology utilized includes: