Analytical Services

To assess damages, class certification, client compliance, and more.

Celerity’s information management expertise extends well beyond discovery. Our historical roots are in forensic accounting and claim analysis and, while we’ve evolved to emphasize discovery and trial support services, our skill at gathering, coding, processing, normalizing and reporting on underlying financial and business data is second to none.

Our case experience includes, gathering and analyzing employee payroll data in order to report on employee health care benefits eligibility; integrating and analyzing sales data in support of a multi-billion dollar, multi-year settlement; and reviewing and compiling thousands of SAP records and invoices to document a breach of contract claim. Whatever the matter, if you’re in need of help with the heavy lifting in constructing your claim analysis, let us know.

We are well-versed in working with structured data from most electronic sources, including individual computers, company networks, accounting and payroll systems, complex data systems such as SAS and SAP, and proprietary databases. In addition, we have the ability to convert unstructured data, such as data contained within Word or PDF documents, into the structured format required in order to be properly analyzed. From basic queries to complex cursors and algorithms, all of our work is performed in a systematic manner and can be supported through declarations or testimony.

Our well-tested methodology is comprised of the following:

  • Identification of the data required to address the litigation challenge
  • Data collection using the appropriate tools and techniques, including extracting responsive data from critical systems without service disruption or spoliation
  • Drafting the business logic that ties the case issues to the source data to the required analysis
  • Mapping disparate data fields to the target database
  • Normalizing inconsistent attributes to aid in analysis or summarization
  • Validating migrations to ensure accuracy
  • Running analyses, under attorney-client privilege where possible, to shape or construct a damage claim
  • Documenting protocols to ensure consistency and quality
  • Providing expert testimony, if needed

An advantage of engaging us early is that we may perform a first-cut assessment of potential damages prior to bringing in experts, which allows our approach and findings to be evaluated under the veil of privilege.

We can quickly assemble the appropriate team of professional information management consultants to meet your unique needs. And, in a cost-effective manner as our rates are generally lower than those of accounting or audit firms.