Insights into case data improve case strategy and reduce eDiscovery cost.

Say “goodbye” to blind searching and culling of the dataset based on search-term hits. Say “hello” to 20/20 Early Case Assessment, Celerity’s early case assessment workflow, which allows you to review documents returned by search criteria BEFORE investing in processing and review so you can make informed decisions on data culling and reduce your eDiscovery cost at the same time.

20/20 features include:

  • Helps you define search terms if the parties need to come to a consensus about which search terms to use.
  • Reduces the need to pay for multiple search term reports (e.g. if the client wants to revise terms).
  • Allows you to identify date gaps in the data set that may alert the team to collection or spoliation issues.
  • Enables you to estimate the size of the review database for budgeting purposes (e.g. the client decides how many documents to review); smaller review database.
  • Includes all the standard metadata reports you’d expect such as a file extension report, documents by custodian, and domain sender.
  • Retains the documents that were not promoted for review in the ECA database so you can quickly and easily go back to those documents and apply new terms.
  • Works on either end of the EDRM: can be applied to your client’s data or large productions (“data dumps”) from the opposing party.

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