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Celerity Consulting Group is an information management consulting firm that helps companies, law firms, regulated entities, and public agencies resolve their litigation, compliance, regulatory, and restructuring challenges. Founded in 2001, we are a woman-owned business, certified by the California Public Utilities Commission Supplier Clearinghouse.

We help clients with all things data. Our services and solutions center around helping teams and departments find, collect, process, review, analyze, manage, and report on data and information in a defensible and efficient manner.

We assist in three ways, which may be combined depending upon client needs:

  • We Consult. Our strategic value-add is our people who advise companies on information management strategies and tactics. Often these consultants lead project teams to complete the work.
  • We Provide Project Support, Delivery, and Management. To ensure projects are successful, we provide a team to support, execute, and manage the work, depending on client needs. We take a leveraged approach, allocating the appropriate resources at each level to ensure results in a cost-effective manner.
  • We Offer Technology. We have several solutions that provide data collection, document hosting and review, stakeholder management, and general information management functionality, typically geared to litigation, restructuring, data migration, or regulatory reporting efforts. These applications usually require customization to tailor them to a client’s particular needs and workflow.

Each member of our senior management team has 15 to 25 years of relevant experience and includes thought leaders and testifying experts. Collectively, we have been helping clients in a wide variety of sectors since 1987. Our mission? To improve data integrity, a need common to all departments, groups, and lines of business.

Our clients choose us for our capabilities and experience and return to us time and again because of our superior service and the benefits they receive, ranging from improved case and project outcomes to more strategic management decisions.

Our team is comprised of information management experts, engineers, engineering technicians, software developers, project management professionals, and critical thinkers of varied backgrounds who have an appetite for data in all its forms and a keen eye for detail. We apply these resources based on the needs of the project, always keeping the needs of the client first.

We also can engage contract document reviewers or technical specialists under tight deadlines when the scale of the project and the type of work required fit this approach.

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