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State Employee Benefit Claim

Celerity’s client, a state agency, was accused of not providing health care benefits to all state employees that were entitled to such benefits and retained Celerity to assist.

Payroll and Benefits Data Collection Strategy

Celerity gathered more than 60 million records of payroll and benefits data, in multiple electronic formats, which encompassed the activities of over sixty (60) state agencies over a ten-year period. Working with counsel, Celerity developed detailed analyses that factored in the complex and varying eligibility factors utilized by each agency to generate summary reports of all payroll records for which benefits should have been provided.

Results of Benefit Records Analysis

Celerity then was able to compare those reports to actual records of benefits provided in order to ascertain the state’s potential liability. Celerity was also able to identify distinct classes of employees that could be legally excluded from the eligibility standards based upon various non-standard employment statuses, which further helped to reduce the client’s potential liability.

About Celerity

Celerity is an agile risk optimization company that helps public utility organizations convert complex data into clear, actionable intelligence to mitigate risk, optimize assets, and maximize project results.

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