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Opioid Prescription Monitoring Plan (PMP) Data Analysis

In addition to the opioid Medicaid data analyses, Celerity has also performed significant analyses related to a state’s Prescription Monitoring Plan (“PMP”) data.

PMP Prescription Data Identification, Analysis, and Conversion Strategy

Working with data sets that identified some of the most prolific opioid prescribers in the state, we developed and executed analyses to report on the extent to which those individuals continued to prescribe opioids after their licenses to do so had been restricted or suspended.

In addition, we examined certain pharmacies and other dispensers of opioids to quantify the volume and specific location of opioid prescriptions that they filled. We also converted all PMP opioid prescription data to a Morphine Medical Equivalent (“MME”) so as to be able to compare prescription data on an “apples-to-apples” basis and using that conversion have developed visual exhibits depicting average daily MME’s of opioids prescribed by year, by prescriber, and by other variables.

Data Correlation Between Pharmaceutical Sales and Opioid Prescription Results

In addition, by overlaying other data sets, such as pharmaceutical sales representatives’ call logs, to the PMP data, we have developed a number of other insightful analyses, such as those that show correlations between sales calls and opioid prescriptions.

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