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Employee Missed Meal Periods Claim

Celerity was retained to analyze the potential claims related to missed meal periods for many of a client’s employees.

Time Card Collection, Processing, & Review Strategy

Celerity fielded a team of 25 consultants to gather time cards from multiple offices across California. Celerity centralized and processed the 200,000-time cards, then reviewed and coded the relevant data and loaded it into an analytical database. Celerity developed queries and reports that calculated and summarized the total potential exposure in terms of reimbursement and release amounts and helped the client make key decisions. Additionally, Celerity supported the client in managing the distribution and response of offers to thousands of employees.

Managed Claim Resolution & Distribution Results

Celerity’s assistance in rapidly gathering and providing critical information and managing the resolution with employees helped the client quickly resolve the issue with seventy percent of the employees and avoid a potential class-action lawsuit.

About Celerity

Celerity is an agile risk optimization company that helps public utility organizations convert complex data into clear, actionable intelligence to mitigate risk, optimize assets, and maximize project results.

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