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Analytical Support for Tobacco Producers Settlement

In 1998 several tobacco producers entered into landmark, multi-billion dollar settlement agreements with several states that set penalties to be paid by the producers based upon actual future tobacco sales, contingent upon certain criteria.

Challenges: Escrow Payments Collection

One obligation that fell upon the states was proving diligence in their effort to collect escrow payments from non-party tobacco manufacturers. 

Strategy: Establishing Data Diligence

Celerity assisted certain states with establishing this diligence. Our team standardized the varied sales data, identified duplicate and irrelevant portions of the data set, and summarized the amounts by state. Celerity then compared the states’ internal data to producer-reported data to identify discrepancies between the two sources. 

Results: Independent Data Analysis and Reports

In addition, Celerity independently analyzed data and provided reports to refute the tobacco companies’ experts. Celerity established a repeatable, defensible calculation model that can be used for years into the future to assist state AGOs in cost-effectively and accurately calculating annual penalty payments.

About Celerity

Celerity is an agile risk optimization company that helps public utility organizations convert complex data into clear, actionable intelligence to mitigate risk, optimize assets, and maximize project results.

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