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Online and Retail Store Enriches Records Management Practices

An online and retail store company needed assistance in understanding where they could improve their records management and legal hold practices. Celerity professionals interviewed representatives from all major functions to understand each function’s records management and legal hold practices as they related to creating, storing, retrieving and archiving electronic information (including email) and paper records. This information was further analyzed against an industry specific maturity model and provided to client with prioritized recommendations that included utilizing current resources and technology. The Assessment also included a strategic roadmap for future projects and investments. The net result was a substantiated business case for the client to obtain additional funding for Records Management projects.


Records Management – Assessment and Strategy

Litigation Readiness – Assessment and Strategy

Gas Pipeline MAOP Verification Support

Celerity helped support a client with verifying the maximum operating pressure on record for its gas pipeline. Celerity assisted with the centralization and review of the source information including pipeline as-built drawings, service records, pressure test reports, and over 50 other document types. Celerity collected and scanned millions of pages from multiple locations and classified the documents according to type. Celerity also provided project management support and reported on progress towards final design verification. Through Celerity’s rapid and comprehensive support, our client was able to meet regulatory deadlines in confirming the safety of its pipeline system.


Records Gathering and Review
Engineering Analysis Support
Natural Gas Pipeline Services

eDiscovery Plan and Services for Massive Environmental Litigation

A top five energy company needed an ediscovery strategy in the wake of a multi-billion dollar legal action that became scrutinized by a global audience. The Celerity team worked closely with the client to devise and implement hold, preservation, and collection processes to cover a broad variety of data sources, disparate systems, and geographically distributed document repositories. Despite severe time constraints, significant data complexity, and huge data volume, the team assisted with the integration and rollout of a suite of Autonomy products to enable this challenging discovery effort to succeed. Celerity consultants performed research and analysis on ingested data utilizing Autonomy Investigator, and configured and managed the Autonomy Introspect review platform which ultimately hosted over 40 TB of ESI. Notably, Celerity tuned the platform to accommodate hundreds of simultaneous searches in seconds, support over 700 simultaneous reviewers, and make timely productions of over 45,000,000 pages in total to government and regulatory entities.


Discovery Strategy
Litigation Readiness: Discovery Plan Development
Litigation Readiness: Vendor Selection and Technology Integration

Autonomy Integration for Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Celerity consultants helped a multinational pharmaceutical company that faced a fairly predictable stream of lawsuits typical for that industry and chose Autonomy to help them be better prepared in advance of these discovery events. The Celerity team assisted with configuring and testing the solution, consisting of Introspect EDD and Introspect Investigator/ECA, to meet their needs for enterprise archiving (file system and electronic mail data), early case assessment and data culling, and load file creation and export. A key to the project’s success was the development of numerous test cases and test data sets, along with expected results, to validate system configuration file settings. Our also team trained the client on best practices  and monitored the final configuration through a successful pilot project. Ultimately, Celerity enabled the client to get the most from their Autonomy investment and to be far better prepared for discovery.


Litigation Readiness: Vendor Selection and Technology Integration

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